Über Bubble Revision Shape

Chris Roth (Visio Guy)
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Whether you need to mark revisions or AS-BUILT notes in technical drawings, or you just a more versatile cloud for your network diagrams, the Über Bubble Revision Shape offers a lot!

This single Visio SmartShape has three main features that you control by simply right-clicking the shape, or by manipulating Shape Data fields, whichever you are more comfortable with.


In Rectangle mode, you can adjust all four corners to make a wide variety of L-, T- and + -formed shapes. In Elliptical mode, you have a freely-resizable oval at your disposal, and in Point-to-point mode, you have 8 points that you can place just about anywhere to draw an outline around even the most random of areas.

Bubble Size

You can control the size of the bubbles to be small, medium, large or simply a straight line. Sometimes the line option makes it easier to understand what you are drawing, while you are drawing. When all looks good, you can quickly switch to the appropriate bubble size.

Text and Paragraph Width

You can change the position of the text by pulling the convenient control handle, and you can choose between narrow, medium and wide paragraph widths for automatic text wrapping of large chunks of text.

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Tested On

Visio 2013 SP1 (US English), Windows 7 (US English)

Visio 2010 (US English), Windows 7 (US English)

Visio 2007 Pro (US English), Windows 7 SP1 (US English)

Visio 2007 Pro (DE German), Windows 7 SP1 (DE German)

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Über Bubble Revision Shape

2 ratings
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